Luxury Anti-Ageing Skin Boosting Micro Needling Treatment

For All Skin Types – Reveals tighter, brighter skin & a youthful, radiant glow

A powerful skin boosting treatment that can deal with various concerns associated with ageing such as fine lines, roughness, elastosis, discoloration and loss of volume.

Designed to brighten, whiten and tighten the skin by targeting and feeding the skin at a cellular level for all ages and types. For a tighter feel, more volume and collagen stimulation providing a healthy hydrated glow.

Combining multiple ingredients such as Resveratrol, Proline Arginine, Acetyl Hexapeptide, Niacinamide, Amino Acids, low and high weight HA, which work in synergy to specifically target skin health and youthful tissue regeneration.

The innovative cocktail promotes cell rejuvenation, stimulates collagen production and prevents collagen degrading, maintains skin health, has an anti-wrinkle effect technology that produces an incredible reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles. It helps remove blemishes and skin abnormalities, by returning the skins natural colouring and health.

Single treatment: £120
block of 3 Treatments: £320